Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease

Cognitive impairment is a common symptom in the late stages of Parkinson disease (PD). Even early on, patients with PD may have problems with decision making, organizing, planning and multitasking. Dementia with Lewy Bodies shares the same cognitive problems as PD, but begins with cognitive impairment and develops problems with movement later in the course. Similar changes in the brain occur in both PD and Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and these two conditions are therefore managed similarly. Healthy living and medications can help people manage some of their symptoms. This Webinar will review the symptoms of cognitive impairment, the changes in the brain that cause cognitive problems and the diagnosis and management of these troubling problems in patients with Parkinson disease.


Sean J. Udow, MD FRCPC

Dr. Sean Udow is currently finishing a fellowship in Cognitive and Movement Disorders Neurology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, where his training is supported by a Clinical Fellowship award from Parkinson's Canada.

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