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Introduction to Webinars

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When you just can’t meet “face to face” with a client or colleague you can still CONNECT WITH THEM ON-LINE in an interactive and collaborative format and GET THE RESULTS YOU NEED! Plan on attending our first Webinar Educational Program where we dispel the mysteries behind WebConferencing and take you through the steps to becoming a Webinar expert. Michael Levesque, Director of Customer Solutions with Resolve Collaboration Services Corp., will walk you through the process of Webinar conferencing and share with you the ways for service professionals to utilize this tool to capture a greater return on the investment of your time that is spent connecting with your clients and potential clients. Move beyond “Time Management” and become more “Time Effective”.

Learn how to:.

  • make yourself more productive & time effective through the use of current technology
  • hold a webinar “Sales Presentation” with a client to help you secure their business!
  • connect with your colleagues or business contacts and engage in an interactive discussion that is not impeded by their geographical location.

Speaker: Michael J. Levesque
Director of Customer Solutions, Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.

Speaker: Peter Bean
Web Media Producer, Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.